inFlow interactive flowcharts

How it works

From your idea to an actual chart

About our process

Define your requirements
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Project setup & content creation
Tailored for your project
Test & release
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1. Define your requirements

What is the use-case of your chart? Define your needs:
  • Type of chart (schematic, deck or other)
  • Types of content
  • Types of widgets
  • Requirements for visual appearance
  • Custom integrations or whatever-you-want
  • See the Features page for all possibilities.

    2. Project setup & content creation

    Based on your requirements we setup your project. Your content will be converted to json data and parsed by our app. Any custom elements are developed and deployed within your chart.

    3. Test & release

    After the creation of your chart you will be given a custom URL which you can use to embed or link to your chart.
    Let me know if you have any questions regarding our product or the requirements for your charts. I'm happy to help!