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Content service

Chart creation

From static asset to interactive chart. Our team adds your content and gives tips for an optimal experience.

Content edits

Our team assists you when you need to update your charts. We have a quick turn-around time for edits.


Our code and components are regularly updated to provide the best performance.

Content types

Rich content

Create the perfect content by using our rich text components. We support a variety of components such as styled text, tooltips, icons and others.


Our widgets allow you to make extensive charts and processes understandadable and user-friendly. Widgets include components like modals, slideshows and video.


We create custom components and widgets on request. Sent us a message to see what's possible.

Choice components

Sometimes a button is not enough. We offer multiple choice components. These options allow you to create extensive tools.
Checkboxes with total score

Option select


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Thanks for checking out our product. Have us create a personalized quote for your project through the 'Get a quote' flowchart. It's a nice demo too!
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