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Our story

Our story starts in the 1990's when our publishing house started to create decision trees for the medical sector. Mostly in print, but also with psychical installations for use in clinics, presentations, et cetera.

Interactive flowcharts

For the last few years we have been using different types of interactive flowcharts within our products in the medical sector. Professional users appreciate these charts a lot.
In 2019 we started to think about ways to expand the use of our charts. We wanted to create a service that serves interactive charts to external products. This way we are able to help more organisations create new experiences and explore new opportunities.


During the pandemic we (re)wrote all code and condensed our expertise into this product: inFlow. A service which allows for easy creation and integration while setting a high standard for interaction design and usability.
We want to turn often boring and static documents, diagrams and tasks into beautiful experiences.

A great start

Currently, our first users are implementing custom charts within their digital products through smart embeds. A few of them are even sharing data!
We're looking forward to work with more organisations to combine expertise and create new experiences.


For questions, remarks and other inquiries please contact Robbert van Zuiden through the form below. You can use the 'Get a quote' chart if you have a set project in mind. We're happy to talk!

Our charts in the wild

These organisations use inFlow charts in their products

Acute Psychiatrie apps NL

'Acute Psychiatrie' contains information about acute psychiatric disorders and is backed by the Dutch Association for Psychiatry.
The mobile apps (available on iOS & Android) contain multiple interactive flowcharts.
Acute Psychiatrie op Apple AppStoreAcute Psychiatrie op Google Play

LTA Antistollingszorg NL

The 'Landelijke Transmurale Afspraak (LTA) Antistollingszorg' is a medical guideline which provides guidance for the proper use of noval Oral Anticoagulants.
This app contains 16 interactive flowcharts and uses two interactions for each chart. Interactions are pre-selected based on the device of the user.
Check out the charts under 'Periprocedureel Beleid' or 'Bloedingen onder antitrombotica'.

Kenniscentrum Antistolling Transmuraal Noord-Holland NL

The 'Kenniscentrum Antistolling Transmuraal Noord-Holland' is a regional knowledge centre for Oral Anticoagulants which uses a multitude of Premium inFlow components on their to-be released website.
Partly based on the guidelines from the 'LTA Antistollingszorg' (above), this website delivers a well-designed interactive experience by combining existing guidelines with their own content. In this way, the to-be released website is a great knowledge base for everyone involved in the care of patients with oral anticoagulants.

het Acute Boekje NL

'het Acute Boekje' contains medical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the field of internal medicine.
In collaboration with the Dutch Association for Internal Medicine (NIV) we're developing multiple flowcharts containing a diverse range of interactions and widgets.
Thanks for your interest in our product. Get in touch below!
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